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Learn LPL Financial Recruitment Process Today

Explore the "need-to-know" information on LPL Financial Hiring Process that will help you succeed.

Tap Into Your Success: What Winning Candidates Do

This is a place innovation thrives, fresh perspectives are welcome and the entrepreneurial spirit is felt at all levels of the organization.

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​​​​​​​Understand Our Core Values and Mission

Our values and mission drive everything that we do at LPL. We encourage our employees to embody these values and to actively live out our mission everyday.

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Prepare To Talk About Your CV
Reflect on your experience. What were the highlights, and what are the areas you can grow in? At LPL, we value progress over perfection. 
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Engage and Ask Questions 
Remember, our interviews are not just one-way communication. We're interested in hearing your stories and your take on our company.

Here Are Some Helpful Tips!

Building an Effective Resume

At LPL Financial, we carefully review your resume after you apply, to evaluate if your experience, and skills align with the job requirements. Here are three tips to help your resume stand out:

  1. Write a professional summary of your experience and skills to fit the job you're applying for.
  2. Include and update your contact information: name, phone number, and email address so our recruiters can contact you
  3. Highlight your skills, abilities, and certifications.  heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 
Making the Most Out of Your Interview

We look forward to speaking with you and are confident you are equally excited. To ensure you are well-prepared for your interview, here are three tips to consider:

  1. Do your research. Review our company values and mission, and get a sense of the culture we cultivate at LPL. We are truly a unique company, so take time to get to know us.
  2. You are on camera. Dress professionally and arrive on time to the appropriate interview link, to demonstrate your enthusiasm and respect for the opportunity.
  3. Engage with us. Speak confidently and clearly, and be sure to ask questions to show your interest in the role.

Here’s What You Can Expect

We’re here to make our application process as easy as possible for you. While the LPL hiring process varies based on position and location, these are the general steps.

Who Is LPL?  
Take time to explore more about what we do and who we are.
Find the Right Match 
We have multiple business units. Find the jobs that match your interests and skill sets – and apply!
 Review and Screen
We thank you for your patience as our recruiters take time to review your resume. If you are selected to move forward, you will receive a call for an initial phone screening.
If you are selected for the next step in the interview process, you will be invited to participate in a follow-up two-way video interview using WebEx or an in-person interview with the hiring manager.
Are We a Match?
Remember, our interview is a two-way interview. We want to ensure that we are the right cultural fit for you and that in this job you will be able to reach your fullest potential. We encourage you to keep exploring more job opportunities at LPL.

Explore More 

Inspire Real Change Within Tech
You’ll be the catalyst for our ongoing transformation as we collaborate and innovate technology solutions for our LPL colleagues, and for the advisors and firms LPL serves every day.

Experience the Feeling of Belonging 
We invite all employees to join an Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that is of interest to meet and connect with colleagues who share a passion for an inclusive workplace.

Make An Impact In Your Community
LPL employees are encouraged to contribute to their communities and can make use of 16 hours of paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) as well as a matching gifts program.