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What You Need to Know About Our Process

Are you ready to Make The LEAP with LPL today? Because we are ready for you!
We begin traveling to different University Career Fairs in the beginning of September. Applications are open in September and closes in March.  
Learn More About Us
Step 1
Check out more about our company and review the roles below.
Step 2
Submit your application on LPL's Workday website.
Phone Screen
Step 3
 If you meet the qualifications, a recruiter will reach out to you for an initial phone screen. *The phone screen will determine if you will move forward to the interview stage.
Do Your Research & Prepare
Step 4
Start preparing for your interview as soon as it’s scheduled. Dedicate some time to reading and researching the specifics of the job, the firm, and the people. You can also find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Set up a mock interview with friends or family so you can practice your responses.
First  Interview
Step 5

We ask a mix of competency, situational, technical, and behavioral questions so that we can better understand your academic, and professional experience. We highly recommend using the Context, Action, Result (CAR) method when communicating your answers.

Take Time To Reflect
Step 6
BE “REAL” WITH YOURSELF. Do a gut check after your interview, and make sure the role and team are a good fit for you. If you’re not entirely sure this is the right role for you, that’s okay.
Second Interveiw
Step 7
We do two rounds of interviews. Make sure you are preparing for the second interview just like you did for the first one.
Are We A Match?
Step 8
A recruiter will be in touch within two to three weeks of your last interview. Finding the right teammate is a difficult and an important decision, and we appreciate your patience in the process. 
Have Questions? Reach Out!
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Our Functional Areas & Your Opportunity 

As interns within the Technology business unit, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced technology team members. Your main responsibility will be to deliver impactful solutions that contribute to the success of the firm, utilizing our cutting-edge proprietary technology platform.
Product Management 
As an intern, you will be involved in providing solutions that address advisors' needs and contribute to their success. This will include exploring various aspects such as operating platforms, wealth management solutions, end-client experience, design and user research, as well as data and analytics.

​​​​​​​As an intern within the Legal business unit, you will have the opportunity to protect the firm's interests, advocate for the financial industry, and mitigate risk for both LPL and advisors. Your work will play a crucial role in safeguarding the financial futures of American investors.

Human Capital ​​​​​​​
As a Human Capital intern, you will learn and contribute to maintaining a diverse, customer-centric culture. You will assist in the development and implementation of strategies aimed at talent retention and recruitment, employee recognition, and leadership development. Your responsibilities will also include identifying market and hiring trends to align with our candidate communications.
Finance, Operations and Risk
As a Finance intern, you will collaborate with a dynamic, detail-oriented team responsible for overseeing LPL's financial activities. Your focus will be on cost management and upholding financial integrity. Additionally, you will provide support to advisors and institutions, helping them drive growth, profitability, and scalability in their practices while enhancing their value to clients.

Client Success
Within the Client Success business unit, you will actively contribute to the support provided to advisors and institutions, helping them drive growth, profitability, and scale in their practices while evolving their strategies to increase their value to clients.

Business Strategy & Growth
As a Business Development intern, you will support advisors and institutions in driving growth, profitability, and scale. This includes assisting with product navigation, offering growth solutions, managing conferences, and developing data-driven marketing strategies.