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LPL Financial Internship Program: LEAP
LEAP encompasses LPL's early talent initiative, by offering a competitive 10 week paid summer internship and entry level programs to promote the next generation of leaders at LPL Financial. We are invested in recruiting talented individuals that will have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally while supporting the strategic vision of our company.

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Meet Our 2023 Interns 

The possibilities I have to learn are constant, both from my own team and from others. I am able to ask any questions that I have and people are more than willing to help, even if they do not work directly with you. LEAP has far exceeded my expectations.
Liquidity and Succession Intern'23
Before even becoming a part of LPL, I already felt like I belonged due to the kindness and willingness of the team to communicate constantly throughout the entire process. The culture that is presented here is incredibly welcoming, which lead to my decision of choosing LPL over other internship opportunities.

Compliance and Business Management'23 
What I enjoyed most, as a two-time Intern at LPL, is that you can make an impact and see your ideas come to life. What stood out to me was the empowering culture set by my peers and the support towards my continuous develop. I see a lot of opportunity to act as a change agent!
Enterprise Resiliency Intern'23
My favorite LPL value would be one team on one mission. This value has consistently been proven by everyday collaborations, team culture, and cross functional team support. This internship has allowed me to connect with a diverse group of innovators who I know will continue to support and inspire me to be my best self.
Talent Acquistion Intern'23
My favorite thing about interning with LPL is the extremely talented people I get to learn from, that genuinely care about my success and growth. Through this internship, I have gained access to diverse training opportunities, hands-on experience, and much more, resulting in myself growing more with this internship compared to any previous work experience.
Business Tranistions Intern'23

This is Our Story at LPL Financial

Each year, we're delighted to welcome a new group of passionate, talented students and graduates to make an impact at LPL Financial.
The internship program originated with a class of only 39 student interns and two University Relations team members.

2019 Calendar Graphic
Despite the pandemic, LPL continued to invest in early talent opportunities and welcomed 50+ interns virtually from all across the country.

2020  Calendar Graphic
The program was officially branded as LEAP and the UR team began to increase headcount, expand recruitment efforts and build a robust 10 week, paid summer program.


2021  Calendar Graphic
As the program welcomed over 100 interns across all business functions, LEAP and the teams innovation and strategies result in earning the Most Valuable Organization from MPACE (Mountain Pacific Association for Colleges and Employers.)

2022  Calendar Graphic
 With 60 universities represented and across 18 states, this year’s cohort contains 130+ interns. Now more than ever, it’s our promise to embrace talent development and career growth. Together, we’re building one of the best programs in the industry.
2023  Calendar Graphic
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